Copper Theft: The Growing Epidemic

See how Videofied can stop copper theft

Videofied is a portable, cost-effective, wireless video alarm system that needs no AC power, internet, or phone lines for installation. 

Copper Theft Security Solution Reduces Claims For Construction Sites

Summary: Wireless, video-verified alarms for outdoor applications mean that loss control professionals have an effective tool to fight copper theft that is affordable enough for implementation by their policyholders.

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Copper Theft Security System

Outdoor MotionViewers (pictured, left) secure electrical infrastructure, roof-top air conditioners, cables, building materials, and any outdoor assets. Indoor MotionViewers (pictured, right) secure copper plumbing, wiring, and any indoor assets. Videofied is a video alarm system designed to apprehend the perpetrators, not just see them in yesterday's video recordings on a DVR.

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